Some concept designs for a web community designed to run in conjunction with a TV show. Based around motivating the British nation to reach goals in their life, these could be anything from running a marathon to saving for a holiday.

My time at TPLD ltd.

July 15, 2009

Right lets start with a few recent images.

Before moving to Glasgow, I worked for a Dundee based company called TPLD ltd. who specialised in educational and informative software. I originally worked for them during my undergraduate degree, and as the only artist on the team I had to produce all the artwork for their tile based game engine.

However that was a long time ago. My more recent stint with them was to produce a pixel art based game for the small piece trust. You can find the game here, just log on and select “biodome” to have a go.

Based around the idea of creating a self sufficient biodome on a terraformed asteroid, the players compete to attract the largest number of settlers to their colony. The better the environment and efficiency of their biodome; the more people they attract.

lazs mockup

The actual areas themselves were quite detailed, with my personal favorite being the agricultural area in the top right.

While I was at TPLD, they also called upon my services as a graphic designer. They asked me to come up with some POS and leaflets to advertise their products at a conference. Below are a few examples.

previewbannerinfiniteams flyer

infiniteams flyer

I also helped design the website for their flagship product “Infiniteams” as well as produce the 3d artwork. You can find the website here

The final project I worked on for TPLD was their mini-game, based around the concept of a quiz. Although this already had a set of graphics to go with the game, it did not fit in with the theme of the rest of the mini-games created for the engine. So I reworked the graphics and this is the final result: