The brief for this level was to create a test case for players to practice on their favourite maps. This is a homage to one of my personal favourite levels from the Call Of Duty series Designed to be the first level to be released for the Tactical Trainer add-on for FPStrainer. Watch this space for more details on the specific tactical training mechanics. As usual created, unwrapped in maya, textured with Photoshop, exported to unity via .fbx. Terrain, effects, Occlusion culling and light mapping all done in unity.

After making the underground waterworks level i decided i wanted to make something more open and expansive. The basis for this design was the idea of an remote missile silo with several sniping positions and areas only accessable via rocket jump it allows player to think outside the box when creating stratagies and zoning. The central hub or silo area is the power play area with several powerful pickups within easy reach but far enough away to allow other players to challenge for control of the area. The mesh is extreamly low poly measuring in at 5526 tris. Modled in Maya, textured in Photoshop, Light and normal mapped using Unity.

You can play the Level at I would love to know what you think 🙂

My first Level design project for Play2Improve and I wanted to create a small and relatively intense level with powerful but risky pickups. My aim was to discourage zoning and allow a wider range of player to feel like they are equally matched with potentially better players on the map. The underground setting of this level adds to the intense claustrophobic combat, while the lack of hiding places and exposed powerplay items forces better players to leave the (comparatively easy to defend) safety of the upper levels. Modeled and unwrapped in maya, texture in photoshop, lights and normals mapped in Unity. Final Tri Count 3665

You can sign up to using facebook and have a go…goan goan goan goan.

Some concept designs for a web community designed to run in conjunction with a TV show. Based around motivating the British nation to reach goals in their life, these could be anything from running a marathon to saving for a holiday.

My time at TPLD ltd.

July 15, 2009

Right lets start with a few recent images.

Before moving to Glasgow, I worked for a Dundee based company called TPLD ltd. who specialised in educational and informative software. I originally worked for them during my undergraduate degree, and as the only artist on the team I had to produce all the artwork for their tile based game engine.

However that was a long time ago. My more recent stint with them was to produce a pixel art based game for the small piece trust. You can find the game here, just log on and select “biodome” to have a go.

Based around the idea of creating a self sufficient biodome on a terraformed asteroid, the players compete to attract the largest number of settlers to their colony. The better the environment and efficiency of their biodome; the more people they attract.

lazs mockup

The actual areas themselves were quite detailed, with my personal favorite being the agricultural area in the top right.

While I was at TPLD, they also called upon my services as a graphic designer. They asked me to come up with some POS and leaflets to advertise their products at a conference. Below are a few examples.

previewbannerinfiniteams flyer

infiniteams flyer

I also helped design the website for their flagship product “Infiniteams” as well as produce the 3d artwork. You can find the website here

The final project I worked on for TPLD was their mini-game, based around the concept of a quiz. Although this already had a set of graphics to go with the game, it did not fit in with the theme of the rest of the mini-games created for the engine. So I reworked the graphics and this is the final result: